For Mark & Holly

– Designed & Built by Latifah Shay
– Built on WordPress with Elementor PRO
– Designed & Built by Latifah Shay
– Built on WordPress with Divi
– Designed by Latifah Shay
– Designed in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
– Designed & Built by Latifah Shay
– Built in Cultivating Sales Pro (Go High Level)
I began designing & building websites back in 1995, when I hand-coded HTML.
I have worked extensively with WordPress and my current favorite sitebuilder is Elementor PRO although I’ve used many different sitebuilders over the years.
I’ve edited sites built by others on platforms I don’t specialize in such as Wix and Squarespace. I’m pretty tech-friendly overall and can pretty much work with any website platform or sitebuilder.
I am trained in Go High Level – yes for building websites but I also create workflows to automate tasks and set up courses, etc.


The following books have been designed for print, in 2-page layouts. However, the linked files, where possible, are versions optimized for web. I.E. set to single-page, content has been centered, links added, etc.
Interior Book Layout by Latifah Shay

Happy Workers Do Their Best Work, 2nd Edition – Peggy O’Neill

I designed the interior of the 2nd version of this book. The 1st version, linked below left, was black and white only, no imagery. I redesigned the back cover but the front cover is the original design. (5.5×8”)
Book Design by Latifah Shay
The SWIM System & Relationship Remedy Rules – Ray Rivers
I designed the covers and the interior layout for both of these books. (Holly, this is what I was in the middle of last week when we spoke.) (5×8”)
Interior Book Layout by Latifah Shay
CBD for Health & Wellness – Rena Greenberg
I designed the interior layout including drawing many of the charts and illustrations found in the book. The front cover had already been designed by another when the client came to me. (8.5×11”)
Workbook Design by Latifah Shay
Less Stress More Joy! Workbook – Peggy O’Neill
I designed both cover and interior layout. This is a bonus workbook only available from within the client’s app: Tap For Joy. (5.5×8.5”)


Logos by Latifah Shay