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Latifah Shay

I began designing & building websites back in 1995, when I hand-coded HTML.

I have worked extensively with WordPress and my current favorite sitebuilder is Elementor PRO although I’ve used many different sitebuilders over the years.

I’ll edit sites built by others on platforms I don’t specialize in such as Wix and Squarespace. I’m pretty tech-friendly overall and can pretty much work with any website platform or sitebuilder.

I’m a problem-solver. That applies to design, tech and strategy.

I’m trained in High Level – yes for building websites, funnels & landing pages, but I also create workflows to automate tasks, set up email templates & campaigns, build courses, manage client data (CRM), etc.

I use the Adobe products and have worked with Photoshop & Illustrator for over 25 years. I work with Termageddon for website policies that auto-update.

I’m an artist and do bold colorful abstract mixed media work. I’m also mom to 19 year old triplets!